Protect Employees and Save Money

Avoid expensive litigation by protecting your employees with our innovative Online Health Declaration System.

We invite you to join us at the launch of our new Online Health Declaration System on 13th September at Stockport Town Hall from 10am.

Work in Human Resources? We have the product for you!

Do you work in Human Resources? Have employee health and safety responsilbilities? Is it your job to ensure employee health and well-being? 

Health Surveillance Services Product Launch Event

Looking for a way to improve your client service? We have the answer! Join us as we launch our new innovative Online Health Declaration System on 13th September at Stockport Town Hall.

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Online Health Declaration System - Launch Event

Health Surveillance Services Ltd invite like-minded businesses to an exclusive event showcasing a unique Online Health Declaration System which will enhance the services currently offered to your clients, and will generate an extra income for your company.

World record channel swim

Last night, Natalie had her last open water training session before the big one!

The next time she'll be jumping into water like this she'll be attempting to break the 3-way, team, channel swimming world record (77 miles, none stop).

She's crazy, but if anyone can do it, Nat can.


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With new legal employee requirements and our help you can achieve positive health and wellbeing in the workplace, satisfy the highest standards, and reduce your overall costs of illness and attendance management.

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