How Can Occupational Health Help Line Managers?

Today we are focusing on the benefits of occupational health in your business. We asked our founder, Sheila Massey…

Osteoporosis Screening at Health Surveillance Services

Osteoporosis is a condition that weakens the bones, making them fragile and more prone to breaking or fracture. It is a fairly common condition that affects around 3 million people in the UK.

A Great Course & Even Better Students!

What a great course and even better students! A new client for Health Surveillance Services, Avalon Funeral Plans undertook our Emergency First Aid at Work training.

Meet The Health-Surveillance Services Team

Over the coming weeks Health-Surveillance will focus on the people that make this company great! Our amazingly talented staff. First under the spotlight is Sheila Massey, our founder and occupational health guru. We asked...

Make Sure You're in The Driving Seat

HGV / taxi medicals are a requirement for anybody looking to drive in the work place. This isn’t just recommended; it’s a demand since the law states all truckers and drivers must pass a medical with a registered health professional like Health-Surveillance Services.


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Did you know...

With new legal employee requirements and our help you can achieve positive health and wellbeing in the workplace, satisfy the highest standards, and reduce your overall costs of illness and attendance management.

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