Understanding of Incontinence Training

The Continence training course from Health Surveillance Services is designed to increase awareness of what continence issues carers are likely to face and how to effectively manage these issues while still promoting independence, privacy and dignity. 

Continence is an issue that has been for many years in the care sector and now with our wealth of experience and expertise. We have produced a short course that will shine a light on the issue of continence without sacrificing any other valuable care principles.

The training will help you actively promote an individual's continence and make a huge positive difference to their life. Training people that can understand and can put into practice immediately within the work place. The course helps people understand the causes, prevention and management of continence issues, without sidestepping important issues. Most Incontinence Training is bespoke to the client’s individual requirements.

Bespoke Training programmes can be provided exclusively for your organisation on an in-house training basis, we look forward to hearing from you.

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