The Online Health Declaration System

Do you manage employee health and well-being? This system would be beneficial to those working in Human Resources, Health and Safety providers or Occupational Health providers. If the answer is yes, this information should be of interest to YOU

It has never been so important to look after the health of your staff; after all they are your most valuable asset. Keeping employees healthy will help protect your business against expensive litigation, so why shouldn’t we look after them?

This innovative Online Health Declaration System will assist employers to assess their employees Fitness to Work. It also identifies potential health issues. With the simple click of a mouse, the system will generate a Risk Assessment of the job role, Medical Questionnaire, full Health Declaration focusing on current and historical problems. The system will then issue a Fitness to Work Certificate, which can be stored or kept in their personnel file.

The system is fast and effective. It cuts down on paper work providing any business with rapid workload turnover. It can be used for existing employees, those requiring medical review and any staff that change job roles.

‘’Protecting your workforce with the Online Health Declaration System is a small price to pay for peace of mind’’
A healthy, committed workforce is vital to business success!
Overall benefits of using the system in your business are:
Health status of each employee at any stage of employment even change of job role
Keeps you in line with Mandatory and Statutory health surveillance
Cost effective way of identifying health problems as they arise
Employee referrals can be made directly and easily through the system
System in English and can be translated to Polish (fully integrated within the system)
Greatly improves health management and minimises long–term employee absences
Ensures you meet current legal regulations such as the Equality Act 2010
With this system it is possible to reduce liability and indemnity insurance
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