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Health Surveillance Services covers all areas of Occupational Health, supporting your workforce at every employment stage, Including:

All HSS's services, health surveillance and medicals are, compliant with the latest COSHH, HSE and other statutory regulations. We operate across all the major industrial sectors from extraction through manufacturing and processing to distribution. We also look after the workplace occupational health requirements for many other diverse clients including those companies involved in office based activities such as, automotive sector, bodyshops, educational establishments, IT, UK charities, construction, food preparation and many more. If you are not sure if your company or organisation fits within the specified occupational please contact us today.

Fostering a safe work environment by implementing Occupational Health procedures not only ensures legal compliance, but can lead to substantial cost savings through improvements in productivity and reduced absences. The benefits of providing Occupational Health services are far greater than the direct cost of the interventions. 

For more information about health and safety training or occupational health courses please contact us today.

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With new legal employee requirements and our help you can achieve positive health and wellbeing in the workplace, satisfy the highest standards, and reduce your overall costs of illness and attendance management.

Contact us today: 0161 477 8849 or email: info@health-surveillance.co.uk