Stress Management

The outcome of this course is to raise awareness of an individual’s personal stress level and manage stress in better ways, as well as training courses for managers which will help them to manage stress within their workplace. It also looks at the impact and the costs of stress within the organisation or company and how you can benefit from tackling stress in this environment.

This Stress Management course is ideal for team leaders, supervisors and line managers who wish to reduce and manage work-related stress within the workplace.

Main objectives:

  • Pressure and Performance Management
  • Common Causes of Stress
  • The Symptoms of Excess Stress
  • Personal Stress Audit
  • Identifying Pressure at Work
  • Identifying Pressure at Home
  • Improving Interpersonal Skills
  • Characteristics of Well-Managed Stress
  • Setting Clear Boundaries
  • The Psychology of Changing Behaviour
  • Making Appropriate Behaviour Changes
  • Change Without Causing More Pressure
  • Identifying and Managing Stress in Others
  • Distinction between Pressure and Lack Of Ability
  • The Link between Good Communication and Decreased Stress

This training is usually bespoke to your company requirements.

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