Testimonial from Frank Morris at Stainless Restoration

Here at Health Surveillance Services we work tirelessly to provide the best possible service for our clients.

To receive a testimonial such as this makes us very proud.

"Stainless Restoration Ltd have used the professional services of Health Surveillance for many years as a safeguard against any future compensation claims that may result.

The relatively small cost of the services that Health Surveillance offer is by far outweighed by the lengthy litigation paperwork one can be embroiled in and the expensive legal fees that are associated with such a claim.

The true worth of such small investment became apparent some 10 years ago when spurious charges were made against Stainless Restoration Ltd by a former employee which resulted in a legal case. The case was quickly turned around when the SRL legal team produced documented evidence provided by the services of Health Surveillance services suggesting that the allegation made against SRL were not correct and indeed fabricated. The case was successfully defended and SRL walked away with a clean reputation.

I would highly recommend using the services provided by Health Surveillance".

Stainless Restoration LTD

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